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I think all the lots are sold.  This could change if someone decides not to continue their purchase.


Remaining Lots as of Nov. 2017

Lot 12 in Phase I & Lot 12 in Phase III



two 40 acre lots near Lovelock, Nv.          CLICK ON LOVELOCK BUTTON

History of this land.

~~Originally taken by force from the original people by the U. S. Government.  At this point the concept of land ownership which could be bought and sold was imposed on the land.

~~In the 1860's when the transcontinental railroad was built, as a result of lobbying and graft, the U.S. Government gave half of the land for 20 miles on either side of the railroad to the railroad as an incentive to build the railroad.  They divided this 40 mile wide strip across the American West into one mile squares and deeded the alternate squares, as in a checkerboard, to the railroad.

~~In the 1960's the railroads were having financial difficulties so they sold off most of their checkerboard properties to big land development companies.

~~In the early 2000's I purchased 3.5 square miles from the development company, subdivided it into smaller lots and started the Sage Valley Community.

~~Because of this checkerboard pattern, almost every lot in Sage Valley shares a boundary with public land.

~~Note that we are on the southern boundary of the 20 mile wide strip, so everything south of us is continuous public land for exploration and recreation.

There are two lots for sale in Phase I.

(all financing at 0% interest)

Lot 3   (( SOLD))

is a 40+ acre lot with the creek running thru it.  It is fenced with a gate and a camping area near the stream.  Also a dug out area to put in a 20 ft container or build a partially in ground shed.

The price is $35,000.00

$5000 down and the balance financed at $500/mo for 60 months.

Lot 12  

is a 40+ acre lot with a driveway installed and a dug out area for a container or shed.

The price is $13,900.00

$700 down and the balance financed at $220/mo for 60 months.




Several lots in Phase III 

(all financing at 0% interest.)

All lots have driveways and parking areas.

All lots have frontage on a county maintained road. 

Lots 3 &10 ((SOLD))

are 40+ ac.   $13,900.00 per lot.

$700 down and the balance financed at $220/mo for 60 months.

Lot 4  ((SOLD))

is 50+ ac.     $16,800.00

$1200 down and the balance financed at $260/mo for 60 months

Lot 6  ((SOLD))

is 80+ ac.  $19,900.00

$1900 down and the balance financed at $300/mo for 60 months..

Lot 7  ((SOLD))

is 60+ ac.    $19,900.00

$1900 down and the balance financed at $300/mo for 60 months.

(Note regarding 6 & 7 - lot 6 has 80+ acres but not too much driveway work, just a parking area near the road.  Lot 7 with 60+ acres has an upper and lower parking area as well as cleared areas out of sight of road in a small gully.  Makes them about the same value.)

Lot 12   

is 40+ acres.   $35,000.00

This lot is has the creek flowing thru it.

There is a driveway in place with a ford across the creek.  You can immediately pull in and park your RV or camp.  Two gate posts also in place for a privacy chain or gate.  

This is a very rare parcel of land to be for sale in Central Nevada.

The price is $35,000.00

$5000 down and the balance financed at $500/mo for 60 months

<<  Down payment may be spread out over a 3 month period.  >>.


No transfer or document fees.

10% discount for cash sale.

Sale by Contract of Sale — Deed recorded when paid in full.


General Information about this sale:

1)  All lots have been surveyed by a licensed surveyor, approved by Lander County and properly recorded.

2)  The Sage Valley Community is an intentional community based on the Peace Principles as brought to the Iroquios Nation by the Great Peacemaker hundreds of years ago. 

3)  There is a recorded set of covenants for this property.  

4)  Sale of lots will be by Contract of Sale.  The deed will be recorded in Lander County and given to the new owners when the land is paid in full.  I will pay the recording fees.

5)  Failure to meet the terms of the Contract of Sale may result in cancellation of the sale and loss of funds.  Copy of the Contract of Sale is available prior to purchase of lot.

6)  There are NO mineral or water rights.  A domestic well producing up to 1800 gallons a day may be drilled on any parcel.  There are several wells drilled.  They average 120 feet deep and produce 8 to 10 gallons per minute.  There is a great aquifer under this property.

7)  The cell service in Sage Valley is not good.  There is an intermittent signal on on the road in Phase I.  There is a signal at the top of the hill to the east on lots 4,5,6 & 7.  Possibly a repeater station could be put there.  The other possibility is via satellite, which I have not checked out.

8)  The property is subject to the open range laws of Nevada.  Meaning the cattle can graze on your lot unless you fence them out.  I have a grazing lease with the local rancher.  You have the right to fence any portion of your land at any time.

9)  You can purchase title insurance at your expense at the closing when lot is paid in full and deed recorded.  The final legal transaction will be handled by the Western Title Company of Winnemucca, Nv.

10)  This property is sold as-is-where-is.  There are no guarantees or warranties given, implied or otherwise regarding the property condition, terrain, access, ingress, egress, road maintenance, presence of water, septic, utilities, zoning, flood plain status or any other characteristic.  It is the responsibility of the buyer to do all due diligence prior to purchasing this land.  This includes visiting the property, contacting local officials, researching all aspects of this investment and insuring that this is the correct long term investment for the buyer.

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